I had only ever seen short excerpts from this film so it was fascinating to see a full-length version of the F W Murnau movie based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula and made almost 100 years ago.  With an expert live score featuring keyboards  percussion and electronic music, this full length (84 mins) version of the 1922 German vampire classic was presented by Tess Said So at the Mercury Cinema. 

The music was well suited to the action, at times a little monotonous due to the sometimes repetitive nature of parts of the story.  This is a film that has obviously had a large impact on popular culture, film, and the horror genre.  Seeing it made me realise that even quite recently made films have been inspired by its imagery and style.  (The similarity between the character of Nosferatu and that of The Mug in A Heroic Life is quite striking).

Experiencing this movie as it was originally presented, as a silent movie with live music, creates an interesting window into another time and place.