A non-narrative experimental theatre event using film, performance, dance, live and recorded music, and creative set design.  Scenes were written by various groups of students using the theme of voyeurism as a cohesive link between the pieces.

The audience were put in the position of being watched as well as being the watchers, sometimes simultaneously, and the cast were sometimes part of the audience.  This was a commentary on modern life where the boundaries between the watchers and the watched seem to have become more blurred than ever before.  Where everything is recorded and so much is experienced through screens, where people are attempting to find new ways of experiencing the world and to connect with one another. To reach out to people that they have never, and may never, meet.  Where perhaps we expect much more than 15 minutes of fame.

With excellent lighting, music from the band, and confident acting it is a shame that more schools do not offer arts courses of this calibre.